InfoLister templates syntax

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Since version 0.9, InfoLister supports plain-text templates in addition to previously supported XML+XSLT output mode. Learning InfoLister's template format is considerably easier than learning XSLT or CSS.

A template mostly consists of user markup, ignored by InfoLister. There are only four kinds of text processed by it:


The following global variables are supported:


The three list types supported are: extension, theme and plugin. Inside the list template, available variables are different from global variables. The following are supported (only %name% applies to plugins):


Four example templates are available (after you install InfoLister) at chrome://infolister/locale/templates/text.template, chrome://infolister/locale/templates/html.template, chrome://infolister/locale/templates/bbcode.template, and chrome://infolister/locale/templates/xpilist.template (copy and paste to the Location Bar; clicking won't work due to security restrictions)

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